Continuous furnaces are normally designed for continuous production and more homogeneous loads, capable of faster firing cycles than chamber furnaces. These furnaces are also more efficient, with significantly lower energy consumption, considering the same production capacity.

The development of our solutions is ensured by a project technical team with extensive experience and expertise based on real applications, in the several areas.

Insulation, heating, control and regulation systems are studied to have a rigorous distribution along the furnace in order to meet the requisites of the requested firing curves.

In smaller furnaces, with temperatures up to 1150ºC, conveyor belt (with metallic mesh) with electromechanical drive can be considered.


Made through electric resistances, gas burners (high speed – JET) or liquid fuel, projected according to each furnace characteristics and treatment type.


In ceramic fiber and other materials of low thermal mass usually applied, allow easily fast or slow cycles according to the furnace characteristics and treatment type.

The insulation with refractory and insulating bricks, as well as refractory concrete, are normally applied on the manufactured models, considering the requirements of each treatment and the level of impact of the thermal shock, especially in furnaces cars in continuous movement.


Various solutions of furnace car movement by hydraulic or electro mechanical processes.